»Our figures emerge associatively from the layering of lines, of old figures, and old spaces: Groups of colors alternate with spatial layers and new form-balls; relics from older layers appear … The individual’s personal repertoire of forms is thrown into the spatial scrub, exposed to the »tone«, and layered onto the colors. The color is the playground where the junk that springs from the preferences of the individual is exposed to neutral space. It is swallowed, reappears again, drifts in eddies, sinks, splits, is slit open, compressed, creates islands, dissolves, keeps drifting, and, in the end, may solidify, may congeal into shadows and emanations.«

SPUR, 1959

»Yes, I approach painting in the same sense as one approaches drawing; that is, it’s direct. I don’t work from drawings, I don’t make sketches and drawings and color sketches into a final painting. Painting, I think today – the more immediate, the more direct – the greater the possibilities of making a statement.«

Jackson Pollock, 1967

Bildrechte: VG Bild Kunst, Bonn 2014 Foto: Tobias Roch, Hagen Bildrechte: Calder Foundation New York / Foto Stiftung Lehmbruck Museum Bildrechte: gemeinfrei, Foto: Peter Hinschläger

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