Process / Action

»It is only natural that if there are multiple spaces in which occurrences are scheduled, in sequence or even at random, time or »pacing« will acquire an order that is determined more by the character of the movements within environments than by a fixed concept of regular development and conclusion. There need be no rhythmic coordination between the several parts of a Happening when it is suggested by the event itself: such as when two persons must meet at a train departing at 5:47 P.M.«

Allan Kaprow, 1965

»That most modern discipline of art: the social sculpture, social architecture, will only appear in all of its perfection when the last living human on this earth has become a participant in the creation, has become a sculptor or architect of the social organism. Only then, through this participation, would the claims of the Action Art of FLUXUS and Happening find their true fulfilment, only then would democracy be fully realized.«

Joseph Beuys, 1972

Bildrechte: VG Bild Kunst, Bonn 2014 Bildrechte: gemeinfrei, Foto: Peter Hinschläger Bildrechte: Calder Foundation New York / Foto Stiftung Lehmbruck Museum Foto: Tobias Roch, Hagen

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