Traditions / Perspectives

»All experience of space and of the world evolves from the feeling of the body. This also explains the deformations of my figures. They are not so much distortions of the given shape of the body. I rather think that in the image of the human figure one can also express that which is non-human, for example, a landscape: this simply corresponds to how we experience mountains and ravines in our bodily feeling.«

Henry Moore, 1954

»The starting point of my »figures« is the human being. I am not concerned with the creation of a »copy«, but with the realization of an »image«. The copy is entirely dependent on the model and can be measured against ist. Its existence is brought about by the model. The image lives with itself. The copy invokes its similarities to the model. The image is – thing-like – autonomous. (…)

The human being is the starting point, the stimulation, and the goal of my work. I do not aim for a copy that is true to nature, but for something like an anthropomorphic sign. My work therefore often begins with sketches of ideas, drawings, models (…), but also with attempts in the material. There is no recipe, no formula for the creation of a sculpture. Every piece has its own history (…).«

Franz Bernhard, 1980/1985

Bildrechte: VG Bild Kunst, Bonn 2014 Foto: Tobias Roch, Hagen Bildrechte: Calder Foundation New York / Foto Stiftung Lehmbruck Museum Bildrechte: gemeinfrei, Foto: Peter Hinschläger

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